Javier Douglas is an award winning filmmaker who strives to produce, direct and shoot intimate, moving and engaging films that make a difference in the world.

He directed and filmed two sets of contributors (fishermen & skateboarders) in the BAFTA & Grierson nominated feature documentary Britain in a Day that aired on BBC 2.

The film was Exec Produced by Ridley Scott and Douglas was one of a select few filmmakers invited to the British Film Institute premiere.

Douglas’s love of film exploded into life after he watched Star Wars on the big screen as a 5 year old followed by The Great Escape on TV not long afterwards.

He first started shooting video with the family Handycam and ended up documenting in a gonzo-style his final year of accidentally studying a law degree in Manchester. After graduating and fully discovering the delights of the Hacienda he soon realised that a life in a suit and tie was not for him.

A highly eventful and enriching time working and travelling the globe ensued – Unloading fishing trawlers and near death experience in New Zealand, becoming a comically calamitous handy-man in Val d’Isere, rehabilitating Orangutans in Sumatra, hitch-hiking across Mexico and working with cooperative fishermen, organising fundraising events for Tibetan refugees and working with a blind meditation yogi in northern India.

On his return to the UK he decided to settle down in Brighton. 2 part-time courses and a few months of voluntary work later, he managed to get his foot in the door of the BBC. After starting out as a freelance radio producer, he soon got his hands on a video camera and a successful 5 year stint as an award winning Shooting Producer/Director followed. Primarily working for the Video Nation strand as well as Panorama and News 24.

Unfortunately Video Nation was decommissioned so he took a leap of faith and self-funded a trip to Delhi to shoot a trailer for a documentary covering the ‘Monkey Menace’; the escalating co-habitation conflict between the residents and Rhesus Macaque population. More details on this project coming soon!

BandarFilms.com is the home of Douglas’s video creations and documentary work.