Muppets rock out in Brighton !

With help from Jim Henson’s Muppets and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, my first music video went viral on YouTube. An unofficial offering for the LCD Soundsystem track ‘Dance Yrself Clean’. It has almost one million hits!


James Murphy – “For the record, we love the DYC video Javier Douglas made in Brighton. why would we ever make a video again? “

Rolling Stone – “Funny, adorable and perfectly matches the balance of melancholy and joy in the music. “ – “And the award for the feel-good video of 2o11 is …”

Death & Taxes – “Best Muppets video ever ?…If only for apt use of the Miss Piggy flail, we think the award goes to Douglas for Dance Yrself Clean.” – “This week’s winner of the Internet…..this video needs to be official.”


(Music copyright – LCD Soundsystem, Muppets copyright – Henson Foundation)